Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The perfect eyebrow!"

Just a thought...

Ok, if you're anything like me, you want to look the best you can all of the time! I have been married for fifteen years (to the same person..lol) and have four kids from 5 yrs. to 14 yrs. (I know, I know, I look waaaaayyyy too young to have a 14 yr. old..lol) anyway, I also run a daycare, so if anyone has an excuse for "not trying" it's ME! I think when we as busy working women or stay at home moms stop caring about the way we look, we should be ashamed of ourselves. I know this may sound old fashioned, but in most cases when we met our husbands we weren't in sweatpants, with no makeup and our hair pulled back in a yucky ponytail. We should try to look our best for our husbands and ourselves! When we look great we tend to feel great! About two years ago I had a four yr. old little girl in my daycare...one morning my alarm went off 1 hr. late...there was NO time for a shower or makeup!! (yes, I consider makeup as important as a shower!) This little girls mom didn't say a word when she saw me, but I knew what she was thinking...the little girl kept looking at me funny before finally saying, 'Ms. Dana, how come you don't look like a princess today?' I love how honest kids are...most of the time! ha No, I don't wear a tiara to do daycare or as much as I would love to, a house dress and pearls to vacuum in, but I do feel like there should be some thought put into my appearance each day.


FIRST: Waxing vs. Plucking: I prefer....both! I have zillions of little blond eyebrow hairs that grow clear down onto my eyelid! It would take me a month to get them all!

Between waxing, you must maintain them by plucking! (mine grow very fast!) Be careful not to overdo it though...just pluck where the hair was waxed. I also have a small mirror that magnifies by like 100x! You can see every hair! It's amazing!! (got it at Target)

THIRD: Take a pencil and hold it next to your nose..that's where your brow should start. Next, while keeping your pencil against your nose, move the top half directly over the center of your eye while looking straight ahead...this is where your arch should be. Next, keeping the pencil next to your nose, move the top of the pencil to the end of your eye and that's where you want your brow to end. (See above pic's!)

I love MAC eyebrow crayon in the color: FLING and for a slightly more dramatic look or if you have darker hair, the color: LINGERING (MAC eyebrow crayon is $14)
If you prefer using shadow, you will need a flat, stiff angled brush and a darker brown shadow like, Swiss Chocolate from MAC. (MAC eyeshadow is $14 MAC angled brow brush $19.50)
Finally, always finish with a clear mascara...I like Cover Girl Natural lash mascara(around $6)...it keeps all of your eyebrow hairs in place!

Remember that your eyebrows are the frame of your beautiful face! Have fun!


  1. Look at you!!! I am so excited you are going to be sharing your tricks of the trade. I am your first follower!!! When we lived in Dallas I went to pick Sayler up at daycare and I didn't have any makeup on which was very rare. One of the little boys came up to me and just kept staring at me. He finally said, "Sayler's mommy? Why did you wear this face today instead of your other face? I like your other face better." Ha!!! Isn't that awesome!!! I laughed until I cried. So excited for your new blog!!!

  2. Dana, you are so talented and beautiful! Can't wait to read more :)

  3. Yeaaahhh!! You know this all started with your mother...who made a commitment at 16 yrs old, not to turn into one of those middle age women who showed up at the grocery store in a baggy house dress and curlers in her hair...okay!...it was a lonnggg time ago!! So I dedided to always at least comb my hair and wear some makeup everyday! And look what happened! I am proud of you!